The Journey Part 1: How it all started

Hi! I am Lise, but as this is a Dutch name, a lot of people pronounce it the wrong way. It is ok, you can call me Liz! Probably you have find your way to this website via my Instagram page. That means you already know what I look like. But do you also know how I started cycling? I will tell you about it in this story.

I started cycling when I was 10 years old. Riding my bike was just for fun, being active and enjoy the nature. When I went a little older my dad asked me if I wanted to try racing, I was not convinced. I could stop if I did not like it anyway, so I did race and at the third race something went totally wrong..

It was a rainy day when I checked the weather outside. I was not excited to go racing. The two races before went well, but I still was not convinced to ride my bike in a competition. I even could not follow the peloton when they where going faster. But I had to go, I promised to try, so I did. And there I stood. It was still raining, the parcourse was wet. I tried to stand under an the colorful umbrella from my parents as long as possible. A little later I had to wait in the rain until the starting shot was fired. And there we went. A group of young girls racing in the rain. It only took a few laps before the peloton left me behind. Luckily I was not the only one and was able to hide behind someone else. But it didn’t take long.. as I was struggling to hold on my position, I touched the wheel of the girl in front of me and I crashed. Because of the wet asphalt I slipped through like it was ice.. until I ended up in the roadside. It did not hurt luckily. But something weird was going on with my arm. It felt painful but it also smelt like shit. And then I realized, I slipped through dog shit…

A few days later I was back on the bike. But just for fun. After the crash I concluded racing was not for me. Luckily I did never stop riding my bike because when I went 20 I realized I missed something like a competition. And made racing one of my goals. Who even thought about racing again after all this was happened.

I will tell you more about my recent cycling races in my next story that will be online next week!

One thought on “The Journey Part 1: How it all started

  1. Good thing you didn’t quit. I was a hurdler back in high school and then college. My last race was in April 1989. I miss racing….the screams of the fans, the adrenaline rush when you’re behind and you see yourself catching the first place guy, the pride one feels after finishing a tough race in the top three. First place is a much better feeling.

    Keep it up. I look forward to seeing the progress and the first place spots.


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