The optimal cycling position

When riding our bikes we want to be fast and having the most aero position, but we do not want to interrupt our season by injuries. That is why I did do a bike fit.

I received my new bike about a month ago. I was so happy! Can you imagine: Me jumping around the bike while screaming ‘look at it’! After I was tired of jumping I build up the last parts and set the saddle to the correct height. Or did it need to be a bit more up? And what about my very aero, but not adjustable, handlebar? It was time to search around for someone who was able to give me enough information to set my bike in the perfect position: aero but comfortable.

That is when I met Jim. With his knowledge and special technology he was able to help me. So last week I had an appointment with him. I traveled to his workplace/office with my bike, of course. After he did set up the bike and special measurements he first wanted to check whether my body was functioning properly. I had to stretch, walk and do a few other movements. He recognized that there was a tiny difference in the length of my legs, but it was so small that it would not affect my fit on the bike. He also told me that it would be good to do special strength exercises to limited some movement in my knees during riding my bike. I was aware of the last situation but I did not know I could reduce the movement, so I think it was a golden tip!

Then it was time to get on the bike, that was set in a special home trainer. Me and my bike where surrounded by video analysis and laser equipment. Every movement was recorded so he could not miss out any detail. In front of me was a big screen that displayed my body and my bike. After analyzing the video it became clear that there had to be some changes.

  • My handlebar was a bit too long, but it is not adjustable so that is hard to change. It is a possibility to move the shifters, but I did not want to change them, because that will mean it is going to look pretty weird.
  • It is more aero and also perfectly comfortable to lower my handlebar with 2CM less spacers! That was really a good suggestion to do. Jim told me I am limber enough to get in that position, so that is definitely changed.

The 2CM of spacers shocked me the most, especially because I thought I needed this height in the first place, but now I really do have a racing position. I also let Jim adjust my shoes in the perfect position. Just so I reduce the change to get injuries. All the other measurements where already perfect. But it was definitely good to do this checkup bike fit.

Did you ever do a bike fit? And did you do it before or after you got your new bike? Let me know in the comments!

3 thoughts on “The optimal cycling position

  1. Did you ever do a bike fit? And did you do it before or after you got your new bike?

    Not with all the gadgetry involved in yours. I just try to adjust everything to get a good fit and off i go.
    I am yet to get my dream bike


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