Riding on the storm snow!

If you thought the country I live in, The Netherlands, does always get a lot of snow in wintertime you are wrong. You may know The Netherlands because of Amsterdam, cheese, tulips, stroopwafels & ice-skating. Yes, besides cycling also Ice skating is very popular over here and we are certainly good at it. But most of the time the Ice we are skating on is made by big machines in ice skating arenas. That’s because we have pretty warm winters, it only rains a lot.

BUT!!!!.. Yes, there is an exception. Because last week we saw our first snowstorm in a decade! So right now, as I’m writing this blog, people are ice skating on the ditches because they are frozen! The temperature dropped at -8C at night and at daytime icy temperatures didn’t leave.

Luckily the clouds did fade away a few days ago and the sun is shining bright. As it is Saturday, I finally had enough time to check out the snow with my bike during the day. Of course not with my road bike, that would be crazy and dangerous, I went with my mountainbike.

The first thing I did was making sure I was wearing enough layers of clothing:
– Pair of winter socks.
– Winter bib.
– Winter thermo shirt.
– Winter jacket.
– Wind vest.
– Buff.
– Headband.
– Winter gloves.
– Winter shoe covers.

Before I was leaving the house I made sure I did bring enough food, because I wouldn’t get hungry. And there I stood, outside in the cold. It was freezing so I immediately started my ride. First I had to deal with the frozen snow that was in front of the house. The possibility to crash in the first 50 meters of my ride was near. Luckily I made it to the end of the street and slowly did get used to the snow.

When I finally made it to the offroad part of my ride the fun really was getting started. I ended up in a big field covered with 10cm of snow. It was really tough to go through, but really fun because it was this challenging. I did some nice drifts trough the corners, I’m not sure if it was this good, but hey I just had fun.

A few kilometers further I decided not to take the regular asphalt route, but the offroad part next to it. It went up and down and it was still covered with snow, so definitely more challenging than the regular road. Unfortunately at some moment I got stuck with my front wheel and crashed right into the snow. Luckily there was good layer of it so I had a soft drop. With probably a small bruise on my knee I jumped up and laughed because of my stupid mistake.

Actually the rest of the ride was pretty easy. I had a great view, the sun was shining and it was fun! Unfortunately the snow is probably going to melt next week, let’s hope spring will arrive soon.

How is the snow in your country? Did you ride on it? Let me know in the comments!

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