Riding on the storm snow!

If you thought the country I live in, The Netherlands, does always get a lot of snow in wintertime you are wrong. You may know The Netherlands because of Amsterdam, cheese, tulips, stroopwafels & ice-skating. Yes, besides cycling also Ice skating is very popular over here and we are certainly good at it. But most […]

Testdays are the reality.

Since a few weeks I get a personalized training schedule made by my coach Jimprove. He is helping me so I can work on my personal goals. One of them is racing criteriums on elite woman level. It includes making hours on the bike and pushing watts. To let Jimprove make a specific training program […]

The optimal cycling position

When riding our bikes we want to be fast and having the most aero position, but we do not want to interrupt our season by injuries. That is why I did do a bike fit. I received my new bike about a month ago. I was so happy! Can you imagine: Me jumping around the […]

The Journey Part 2: Exploring the world of cycling

In my first blog you have ridden how I started cycling. If not, it is worth reading as I was actually not into racing at all. After my crash (through dog shit) I did not quit cycling immediately. I did quit road cycling after one year and went mountain biking instead. I enjoyed riding through […]

The Journey Part 1: How it all started

Hi! I am Lise, but as this is a Dutch name, a lot of people pronounce it the wrong way. It is ok, you can call me Liz! Probably you have find your way to this website via my Instagram page. That means you already know what I look like. But do you also know […]